Works in the Public Space

In Neumarkt, the city of the sculptor’s childhood and youth from 1933 to 1952, four sculptures from different work phases accent the public space. 

The “Fischbrunnen” (“Fish Fountain”) from 1961 is the first work the sculptor created for the public space shortly after receiving his university degree. This fountain is at the Theo-Betz-Platz in front of the former Secondary School, now the Erwin Lesch Special School, in which Lothar Fischer obtained his Abitur (equivalent of a high school diploma) in 1952 (intersection of Ingolstädter Straße/Badstraße). Already one year later, he received his second commission from Neumarkt. In 1962, the cement mural “Wagenlenker” (“Charioteer”) was designed for the stairwell of his former school. It is regarded as his main work of his SPUR period (1957 – 1965). Since the grand opening of the museum in 2004, this important work is on permanent loan from the county in the foyer of the museum. In 1990, the ensemble “Stehende als Dreiergruppe” (“Standing Trio”) and the fountain composition “Büste als Vierergruppe” (“Bust Quartet”) are located on the Oberer Markt (Upper Market) in front of City Hall.

In the course of the reconstruction of Neumarkt’s Residenzplatz, Lothar Fischer designed the fountain composition “Drei Reiter” (“Three Horsemen”), which thematically and urbanisticly draw from the historical ensemble. Moreover, while constructing the museum, two large sculptures of Lothar Fischer’s were installed. The sculpture “Sitzendes Paar” (“Sitting Couple”) is in the forecourt of the museum and the iron sculpture “Großer männlicher Kopf” (“Large Male Head”) is on opposite side at the Schlossweiher (Castle Pond).

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the museum, the family van de Loo donated “Humpty-Dumpty sits on a horse” (1964/65), one of the rare stone works Lothar Fischer made. The sculpture stands on the southeast side of the museum and connects it with the City Park, in which a sculpture path is planned.

Lothar Fischer’s sculptures are at prominent places, in courtyards, and recreation areas of many larger and smaller cities, giving distinctive accents. His works can be found in Hamburg, Lübeck, Munich and Stuttgart, amongst others.

In 1996, in connection with the competition “Kunst am Bau” (“Art on Buildings”), the Enigma-Variationen (Enigma-Variations) were created at the Meßberghof in Hamburg. Not only the cast models, but also the competition models made from terracotta are on display in the museum. As in Hamburg so also in Lübeck, Fischer’s sculptures make an immediate connection with the local architecture: as niche figures “Adam und Eva” (“Adam and Eve”) flank the entrance of the St. Annen Museum for Art and Cultural History since 2002.


Employment Bureau 1994 Large Helmet Motif
Employment Bureau 1994 Large Column Motif
Employment Bureau 1995/1996 Horsemen Group


Hessingsche Heilanstalten 1983 Large Sitting Wrapper
University 1982/1983 Sitting Couple
Fountain Composition 1983/84 The Sitting


Wort & Bild Verlag 1986 Large Socketed Couple


Court House 2000 Commemorative Plaque for Willy Aron


Park of the Bundesgartenschau 1984 Grave Signs


Local Court 1988/1989 Tribunal


Staircase Patio of the Municipal Hospital 1986/1987 Sculpture Ensemble


Florian-Geyer-Bridge 1995 The Large Armored Sitting / male


Academy for Clay Art 1989 The Standing / female


City Hall 1962 Chinese Fountain

Eggenfelden / Lower Bavaria

City 1995 The Large Transparent Sitting / female


Parish St. Marien 1990 Christ Torso


Meßberghof (Exterior Façade) 1997 Enigma Variations
Neuer Dovenhof (Entrance Hall) 1989 Ensemble eight Sculptures from 1975 to 1998


Pedestrian Zone 1980 Sitting Female Figure


Sculpture Garden Nuclear Research Center 1979 Socketed Norn II


Employment Bureau Casino 1992 Boat

Landau / Palatinate

Employment Bureau 1995 Large Socketed Couple


School Center Edigheim 1976 Artistic Design of the Courtyard


Kunsthalle St. Annen 2003 Adam and Eve


Administration Building Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 1978 Large Sitting Female Torso
School Center with City Library Eversbuschstr. 1984 Large Female Figure
City Library Fürstenrieder Str. 1987 Large Transparent Sitting Figure
Housing Area Hansapark 1992 Large Male Bust
District Office 1992 Large Tectonic Stele
Courtyard Regina-Ullmann-School 1971/1972 Wrapper Stele
Candidplatz 1986/1987 Large Socketed Couple

Neumarkt i.d.OPf.

Theo-Betz-Platz 1961/1962 Fish Fountain
City Hall 1986/1992 Ensemble »Standing Trio«,
Fountain »Bust Quartet«
Residenzplatz 2002 Three Horsemen (Fountain)
Ludwigshain 1986 Large Sitting Female Torso
Ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde, Kapuzinerstraße 1998 Large Female Nude Stele
Museum Lothar Fischer 1982/1983 Sitting Couple
Museum Lothar Fischer 1991 Large Male Head
Museum Lothar Fischer 1964/1965 Humpty Dumpty sits on a horse
Museum Lothar Fischer 1991 Large Transparent Triangular Figure
Parkcafé 1996/1997 Adam and Eve Torso


Heger-Tor-Wall 1992 Large Sitting Female Torso


Employment Bureau 1991 Dominatrix


University 1993 Bust, Head, Gate


Am Diakoniezentrum 1985 Large Christ Torso