In addition to the sculptures and works on paper by Lothar Fischer and the special museum architecture, there are always interesting special exhibitions to see in the museum. 

Arousing enthusiasm and interest are the declared aims of art education. This is achieved on the one hand through guided tours tailored to the target group and on the other hand by giving visitors the opportunity to try out their own creative skills. A wide variety of formats are available for this purpose. 

Art matinee

Art enthusiasts are introduced to various aspects of the current special exhibition in loose succession. The programme includes studio visits, excursions and lectures. Dates and topics under »Events

K&K – For senior citizens

K&K stands for art and coffee and organises the current special exhibition in cooperation with the city of Neumarkt. During the guided tour, which lasts around 45 minutes, people speak loudly and slowly. Seating is available. Afterwards, impressions and opinions can be exchanged in a cosy atmosphere. Dates under »Events

Workshop by artists

For each special exhibition, we offer a workshop for participants aged 16 and over. After a dialogue-based tour, a special technique from the exhibition is picked up and an object is created under professional guidance.

Art and Sport

Art in the museum can also be experienced physically. An art educator trained in sports education regularly organises an event in which information about the respective works 
of art is combined with instructions on how to turn it into physical movement. 

Special guided tours

For people with a wide range of special needs (cognitive impairments, people with visual and hearing impairments, etc.), we offer individualised art education, including artistic practice on request.

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