1 Museum Lothar Fischer with the works »Sitzendes Paar (Sitting Couple)«, 1982/83, »Große transparente Dreikantfigur (Large Transparent Triangle-Figure)«, 1991 , »Humpty-Dumpty sits on a horse«, 1964/1965 and »Adam- and Eva Torso«, 1996/97, »Großer männlicher Kopf (Large Male Head)«, 1991 and from Wilhem Loth »Großer Aphrodite-Torso (Large Aphrodite-Torso)«, 1962 and »Torso Relief«, 1972 in the exterior section 
2 »Fischbrunnen (Fish Fountain)«, 1961
3 »Stehende als Dreiergruppe (Standing Figures as Trio)«, 1986/1992
4 »Drei Reiter (Three Horsemen)«, 2002
5 »Großer sitzender weiblicher Torso (Large Sitting Female Torso)«, 1986
6 »Große weibliche Aktstele (Large Female Nude Stele)«, 1986
7Ballrooms of the Residence
8City Museum
9City Library
10Historic Reitstadel (Riding Stable)
11Museum for Historic Maybach Vehicles
12Christina von Bitter »Sitzende (Seated One)«, 1995/2017
13Heinrich Kirchner »Mondfahrer (Moon Driver)«, 1969
14Robert Schad »Swift«, 2004
15Robert Schad »Syrmel«, 2016
16Stefan Rohrer »Bluebird«, 2010
17Michael Croissant »Großes Kopfmotiv«, 1986
18Michael Schoenholtz »Turbine«, 2009


Museum Lothar Fischer
Weiherstrasse 7 a
92318 Neumarkt i.d.OPf.
Phone +49 (0) 9181 / 510 348

Opening Hours 
Wed-Fri 2 pm until 5 pm
Sat/Sun 11 am until 5 pm
Mon/Tue closed (also if Mon/Tue are public holidays)

Admissions Fee

Adults 4 €, Students 2 €
Children and young adults 18 years and under free
The Museum is barrier free.


Via A3, A9, B299, B8 (follow signs “Museumsroute”)
From train station with city bus 564 and 565
(bus stop “Museum Lothar Fischer”)

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